A Mindful Relationship with Your Body & Food With Gina Miller & Vital Body

6 Week Series via Zoom

$325 including tax.

Join Gina to learn and practice ways of
connecting to and nourishing your mind, body and spirit
to support your wellness journey.

This program will feed your soul and teach you practical Mindfulness tools!

Gina will provide psycho-education, neuro-science fundamentals,
discussion, foundational techniques
and guidance for your personal Mindfulness and self care practice.

No Mindfulness experience is required.

We will start where you are.

Is this for me?

These statements and questions are designed to help you decide if this is the right program for you.

Do you often make a promise to yourself in the morning and then break it by the end of the day?

Do you feel you need to lose weight to be happy?

                                     Do you spend most of your time “from the neck up”?

                                    Are you willing to see what it’s like to be “embodied’?

I have a sense that my ability to find peace with my body and food goes beyond what to eat and the number on the scale.

I feel like I’m caught in a loop of emotional eating and/or stress eating and then regretting it after- sending me into a shame spiral.

I am ready to explore how Mindfulness techniques can help me get out of auto pilot mode.

Self-Compassion has been hard for me. In fact-I don’t understand what it really means.

I would love to experience being “neutral” about my body and food.

SO MANY of my thoughts during the day are consumed with what to eat, what not to eat!

I would love the possibility to let go of old patterns around food as reward and punishment.

I want to know what self care really means for me and how to practice it!

I am willing to dedicate some time each day to practice Mindfulness so that I can receive the benefits.

  • Emotional Eating: Mindfulness vs. Auto Pilot
  • Emotions as Visitors
  • Self-Compassion
  • Responding (Not Reacting) to Triggers
  • A New Relationship to Stress
  • Self-Care: Exploring Your Needs
  • Finding a Body Neutral Attitude/Gratitude
  • Formal and Informal Practice: Maintaining

Gina Miller

  • Senior Ideal Protein Coach for 5 years with Vital Body Clinic
  • 200 Hour Certified Mindfulness Instructor-The Lab of Meditation
  • Faculty Member at Ashton College teaching Mindfulness
  • One:One Compassionate Inquiry Counsellor
  • Trauma Informed Mindfulness
  • Founder of Pure Optimists Lifestyle Brand
  • Group Facilitator specializing in Addictive Behaviours
  • Certified in Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention-University of California San Diego
  • Certified Mindfulness Educator for Children-Mindful Schools
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts-Emily Carr University
  • Diploma of Fine Arts-Capilano University

More about Gina here.

Visit Gina’s Art Portfolio here.

Vital Body is an authorized Ideal Protein Clinic that has helped thousands of people lose weight and redesign their lifestyle since 2011. We are passionate about people feeling awesome, vital and reinventing their relationship to food, their body, and themselves. There is no one answer – there is you, a solid program, a certified coach and navigating the flow of life. We are here for you. 

For more information visit: VitalBody.ca


I've had the pleasure of working with Gina on healthy eating, guided meditation and Compassionate Inquiry. She's a triple threat — using mindfulness, breath, and compassionate coaching to foster lasting community care. Our journey together started with Gina supporting me with building healthier habits and mending my relationship with food and body image. What I lost in weight, I gained in friendship. Weight Loss is a complicated path and Gina was able to help me see food as medicine. Her experience with meditation gave me the tools to focus and embrace patience. To level up, Gina's guided Compassionate Inquiry allowed me to understand the power of embodiment. Being able to feel my body, my emotions and push through trauma has shed layers I wasn’t able to reach through talk therapy. With Gina's support, I have been able to understand control has little to do with happiness and ease is possible. She’s a national treasure. She’s a healer. 

Reanna Evoy / Super Bonjour

I have had the privilege of Gina’s mentorship in developing my mindfulness practice. Gina is extraordinarily empathetic and insightful. She has a wealth of knowledge around mindfulness and a warm sense of humour that eases the look inward. Gina has helped me to glimpse the foundation of the moment and to sense the healing powers of a daily practice. I am very grateful for the opportunity to work with Gina. She has opened up a beautiful space for me to come home to.

Dr. Lisa Miller / Family Physician

Being in presence with Gina is healing medicine itself! The space she holds for whatever is arising within you is met with deep compassion, kindness and understanding.  Her approach is a skillful combination of Compassionate Inquiry, mindful awareness and the innate wisdom of a life lived. She is very relatable with a wonderful sense of humor while holding a safe, professional space. Her years of meditation practice and teaching infuse her sessions with such attuned grounded presence. Gina is the person you can trust with your real authentic self. She's ready to hold you right where you are. You'll come away feeling heartened and held by a heart of gold.

Cara Gardner / Heartland Healing Arts

What will we be doing?

During each one hour session, you’ll experience an array of Mindfulness techniques that we will experiment with. There will be teaching, inquiry, discussion and reflection. You’ll see what it’s like to open up to the possibility of being free from habits that no longer serve you. We promise that there will be deep insights, true laughter, connection and growth.

How to get the most out of it.

We suggest that you don’t plan something that starts right after our session. Slow down and you’ll get there faster 🙂

Your wellness journey supports your Mindfulness and vise versa. When you are well hydrated, getting adequate sleep and eating good food throughout the day, your nervous system is calm.

You may choose to journal during our six weeks and have this information told by your wise-self to look back on. This can be really gratifying!

Coming with a pal is a great idea! It’s nice to be able to share with a friend any struggles, insights and highlights that you discover.

This program does not replace medical advice or therapy; it WILL support you on your wellness journey.
We will work in tandem with your weight loss program.