Nourishing the Nurturer

An Embodied Workshop for Educators

This workshop supports Educators inside and outside of the classroom. We will demonstrate Mindfulness games and methods to teach children awareness of the body, thoughts and emotions. These techniques can help improve focus, emotional regulation, resilience and a sense of kindness for oneself as well as others. We will also explore how to incorporate topics such as compassion and fear into the learning curriculum as well as in Educators’ own personal practice. We know that when children have healthy coping skills, the classroom is a happier and more productive environment for Teachers too!

The second half of the session is just for you, the Educators!

We will explore Self Care, Mindful Communication and Self Compassion. This session will provide soothing ways for Educators to nurture themselves throughout the day with breath and supportive therapeutic touch. You will experience a gentle guided meditation to end the session (no previous experience necessary).

Participants will also be gifted a recorded meditation guided by Gina Miller sent via email, to revisit anytime.

Currently this workshop takes place via Zoom.

If you are interested in booking this workshop for your team of Educators please email

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