One:One Meditation

One:One Meditation

If you are new to mindfulness meditation or could use some guidance and support in your established practice, one on one sessions can help you. I do not think of meditation as a gimmick that promises a quick fix nor a guarantee to enlightenment!

While there is no “right” way to meditate, there are researched based techniques, that can be used to quiet and focus the mind by activating our parasympathetic nervous system.

I am a naturally “thinky” and highly creative person and by practising meditation consistently, I now have the ability to connect to the sacred stillness that resides in me.

Becoming able to respond rather to react to external and internal events is possible for you also.

As a trauma informed practitioner, I can help you learn how to be in a place of acceptance with yourself. This includes your feelings, emotions, thoughts and sensations. They all belong- and can be experienced in in a caring and supportive environment.

Whether you are experiencing challenges with anxiety, accumulated stress, addiction, sleeplessness or general discontent, I will create a specific program to move toward a regular, sustained meditation practice.

I record personalized meditations to practice in between sessions; tailored specifically to you. This really helps to stay committed to yourself and you keep these for life.

The intention remains to take the practice of kind attention off of the cushion and into every part of your life!

If you feel called or pushed to deepen your relationship with yourself and others, I’m here for you.

Sessions will be either on Zoom or in person.

Please send me a note at for more information.

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