The Way In: Creativity and Meditation

Learn how to access your creativity as a path to your inner world. I love to share the benefits of meditation while reminding people of the empowerment that is felt through creative expression.

My paintings are a reflection of my inner world and very much a part of my moving meditation practice. I share what I know to be true for me as a working artist and how I get into “the zone”.

I’ll share my process of getting in the moment, and help you to get out of your own way and allow the materials to hold hands with your innate creative self!

The Experience:

A drop-in meditation session meets a free-form painting class. These sessions are process-oriented (using artwork creation as a meditation) and do not require any artistic skills or experience.
To help us arrive in creative flow, I combine painting or collage with guided meditations. We use essential oils/ sensory engagers, soothing music, and much more to enjoy an experience of expansion.

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